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Travels of the Red Chair

Aaah! Finally!  The Red Chair reaches the Pacific Coast. Over a 3,000 mile journey from it’s home , Woods Hole, MA on the East Coast.  The first stop for the “Red Chair”  here in San Diego was the 1906 Lodge in Coronado where it enjoyed the company of Sue Nelson, Innkeeper, and the Lodge’s wonderful staff.  Then it was off to San Diego’s premiere beach community, La Jolla Village by the Sea  where “Red”  was the guest of The Bed & Breakfast Inn at La Jolla.

Following a respite of wine and cheese in the charming Inn’s peaceful gardens  and catching a few rays  on the the bougainvillea drenched sun deck ,  ”Red” quickly got into the beach scene and blended right in!

“Red” was also eager to visit the famous, or should we say “infamous” seals,  who have taken over the “La Jolla Children’s Pool” acquiring national media attention!  So, “Red” headed off to the pool to get up close and personal with the seals;  but low and behold, there were no seals since mating season had long since passed.  Understanding that all does not go perfectly as planned when one is having an adventure, “Red” was not to be discouraged and decided instead to take in a little art and culture at the  La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art just steps from the Inn.  At the Museum,  ”Red” was impressed and awed  by the hugh sculptures located in the museum gardens also offering one of the most dramatic ocean views of the La Jolla coast.
Next was a visit to the nearby La Jolla Tide Pools.  Determined to thoroughly explore and photograph the tiny, fascinating creatures that inhabit the tide pools- which range from very shallow to quite deep- “Red” boldly ventured further and further out onto the,  slippery, moss covered, craggy rocks.
All was going splendidly, until, when to “Red’s”  surprise, it’s legs were suddenly going out from under it and “Red”  was submerged legs over seat – along with it’s expensive digital camera- in a tide pool the size of a bathtub. Unable to get purchase on the slippery rocks “Red” splashed and thrashed about like a beached whale as a young man and his son ran to it’s rescue.  “Red”, upon being uprighted, began laughing rather hysterically out of embarrassment, claiming it was not injured and was absolutely fine.  But the young father, thinking it may have hit it’s top slat when it fell, insisted on assisting “Red”, lending a hand  and  even lifting it up over the rocks until it was safe on sandy, flat ground.  Unfortunately, the camera did not fare as well.  Even though the chip was not ruined the camera was totally destroyed. “Red’s” original plan for the end to it’s first day was to do a little hang gliding and para gliding at  La Jolla’s Torrey Pine Gliderport.  However,  conditions were very poor for gliding due to the sudden appearance of the un-seasonally hot, dry Santa Ana winds.  So after taking in the view from the Glider Cliffs , wet, soggy, and covered in sand from the unexpected dip in the tide pools, “Red”  decided to call it a day. “You can view the entire adventure of The Red Chair’s journey across the U.S. by going to  And be sure to join us next week on our blog to hear more about the Adventurous  Travels of  The “Red Chair”  during it’s stay with us. – THE SAGA CONTINUES for 2 more days including the San Diego Wild Fires.

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